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This issue features short selections from correspondence - some you may have read before, but they bear repeating. Here Shamcher shows a relentless attitude pointing the way beyond mind toward intuition and its application for the benefit of all.

Like this Buddha figure, the human experiment is under construction. Photo by Ralf Skirr on Unsplash

Shamcher supports the positive attitude of mind:

All that matters is the attitude. Could you possibly see clearly that this leads you to whatever you wish and that the only temporary delay may be caused by you, not the outside world, but even whatever is caused by you will certainly disappear very soon (no time determination please! "Soon" is not measured in hours but in effort or visions.)

And yet he understands that there are social conditions that need changing:

You are not simply to blame for not "accomplishing", not even making a decent living. The social structure does not facilitate it. It could, if established by the few sensible ones. It isn't. And for one thing: That's why we have and need change and hope it will be in the right direction and work for that.

He encourages everyone not to remain stuck in narrow predictions:

When you predict a future of no energy and no ocean power you are making the God in you a bit too narrow. For me, I know my duty is to give all my energy to develop sensible patterns for the whole, and God and me (god in me) do not always succeed but we work on that assumption (that we do). For God - the all - is not at all perfect or omnipotent at this time. We limit him by time patterns. In the overall timeless space-time, he and we are all-powerful. In a limited time - no.

And he has a philosophical outlook on the condition of humanity:

And you realize the tentative, experimental stage of the world. After a million years there may be civilization. Today we have immature experimenting. And a lot of pretenders who live fictions. So what? Enjoy what you can, bear the rest. There is nothing, in today's science or religion, that has anything but a lick and a promise. There are great individuals - a whole 1/1000 percent of humanity - the rest: Children, playmates. The Lord is in all of them of course, but he isn't yet mature in all of them.

He plays outside the limits of mind:

There is no answer as to how to seek god. For the answer is different for each one. And it is mostly not in the mind. Leave the mind, by "Voiding your mind of thoughts, questions" (during meditation for example) and after a few seconds or years, see what comes. Laugh about it. Laugh at life. It is really funny.

And he points to realities that could be called “secret” but are actually simply “unseen”:

You read a saying on secrecy by Inayat Khan. There is another saying of secrecy in the Vadan where he says that one need never worry, because that which is not meant for a certain person that person will not perceive. Inayat initiated me in a railway compartment full of people and gave me the Zikar and other "highly secret" practices.

He encourages us to create a better future for all:

But this our present civilization (above all) has to learn: you make your future, you don't "predict" it. By trying to "predict it" you nail your victim to his useless past. You make him RIGID. Our economists (80% of them), doctors, psychiatrists, politicians - all do this terrible disservice. Also the prophesying "mystics".

He can’t do it for you:

What could I have done for you? I am not a teacher. Wonder if anyone is.

Having performed the Universal Worship in over 65 countries, Shamcher sees the embodiment of it in human life:

Every religious expression has its central theme, its punch line. With Christians it is often LOVE, maturing in self-sacrifice. With Buddhists it is reason with some, compassion with others. With the Hindus it is the wide-ranging mind and the open heart. With the Moslems it is Unity - a unity they may yet be striving toward.

The Sufi words that are at present fascinating to me are THE ONLY BEING. In a sense it is the essence of love, for all beings and all nature are combined in that ONLY BEING, which one must then love as one loves one's self. Being of the ONLY BEING makes self-sacrifice a lusty game, compassion a matter of course, unity manifest and the mind ranging the widest, the heart always wide open.

Inayat Khan touches on the consequences of such a concept when he says in the Gayan, "Every person I meet, I know it is GOD I meet, and every person's action toward me, is to me God's action, as any action of mine toward any person is my action toward GOD."

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