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The Shamcher Bulletin is here to bring you snippets from Shamcher’s archives that might help frame and context the world we live in today. 

These emails to you will touch on all the areas from Shamcher’s vast explorations, from economics and energy to yoga and Sufism. They might be moving, or inspiring, or interesting. What they won’t be is commercial in any way. Always free.

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I hope it will be like getting a letter from Shamcher, something just right in the moment. 

The email is for you, so tell me what you’d like to read. Would you like to see more on his OTEC or other renewable energy work? Sufi teaching? Economics? Memories and stories from people who knew him? Or a little of everything? Just reply to any issue by email and let me know.

And if you wish to contribute stories, photos, correspondence, please send it along to share. It will all find its way into the Shamcher Bulletin eventually.

Shamcher’s Archives were compiled by Forest Shomer, Carol Sill, and other friends of Shamcher, and are managed by Carol Sill. If you have any stories, photos, audio or correspondence that includes Shamcher, please be in touch.

Murshid SAM and Shamcher (photo ©2020 Mansur Johnson)

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from the Sufi Archives of 20th century mystic, Shamcher Bryn Beorse. Meditations, energy, economics, Sufism, commentary.


Author of Personal Papers, Editor of Shamcher Bulletin. Having a public journal nurtures my creative life. Sufi/Platonist