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I really enjoy receiving these in my email. Such a joy to read. Thank you!

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This is one of yuour best substack posts evern. Thanks.

I'm 100% feeling like a process on my better days.

I am much more skeptical about the GodTalk in the presence section.

No one can know for certain, buy my sense and experience is that our universe is not Deistic... No Diety where named God or somtheing else.

My sense and experience is that there is consciousness...

that we all share, and are a part of to a lesser or greater extent.

Rocks have a little consciousness, atoms have a teeny tiny droplet,

Trees and birds and mushrooms have a little more than rocks and atoms.

Humans have even more, though probably our consciousness is not as grand,

and certainly not as "superior" as we might arrogantly think.

Having said all that... thanks for the article Carol.

Fairy tails are indeed true.

And I might just be the process I think I am.

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